Restaurant Divino, Hvar

Stadt Hvar ID: HV-TR-93

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Restaurant Divino, Hvar

Restaurant Divino, Hvar - Restaurants in the town of Hvar

Restaurant diVino is located on the Riva, in the heart of the City of Hvar with a breathtaking view of the Hvar Archipelago's Pakleni Islands, making it the perfect spot to indulge in the colours, sounds and scents of the Mediterranean. A warm and welcoming staff, pleasurable atmosphere, authentic gastronomy and top quality wines guarantee a memorable experience of the Island of Hvar.

Why choose diVino?

Bringing together love towards food, wine, and friends is the skill this restaurant cultivates and what makes each visit an unforgettable experience.
What is delicious food without wine?
When talking about wine, diVino is a true authority. Therefore, our suggestion is that when combining wine, the attention should be given not so much to the colour of wine as to its structure. Lighter dishes should be paired with lighter wines and heavier dishes with wines of more pronounced structure. Full structured white dessert wines perfectly complement main dishes with baby beef or with other spicier dishes, whereas fruity red wines are perfectly paired with the flavour of grilled fish. Business meetings, friendly gatherings, birthday celebrations and national holidays... whatever the important occasion may be, we wish to contribute with delicious food and superb wines!

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